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Surveying the Concept of Alienation in the Thought of Erich Fromm

Zahra Alizadeh* and Ehsan Khan Mohammadi

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Expression analysis of ADS, DBR2, ALDH1 and SQS genes in Artemisia vulgaris hairy root culture under nano cobalt and nano zinc elicitation

Kazem Yarizade*,Ramin Hosseini

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Application of Data Envelopment Analysis to Efficiency Measurement of Fars Gas Company

Mohsen Sepahi

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The Relationship between ParentalInvolvement in the Educational Activities and Academic Achievement of Elementary Students in Tonekabon City

Masoumeh Ghanbar Harati

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Effectiveness of Social Skill Therapy on Adjustment Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Children Behavior

Sattar Kikhavani*,Shirin Ebrahimian,Shirin Soltani,Jila Khaniabad

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