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Investigating the effect of leadership style and demographic variables on employee motivation

Rasoul Rahmanpour*, Farogh Yazdanseta

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Studying The Effects Of Dust On Iran’s Economy

Koohsar Khaledi and Andisheh Haghighatnezhad Shirazi*

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Estimates Of Factors Affecting Econoic Growh In The Agricultural Sector In The Fifth Development Plan
(Emphasis On InveStment)

Koohsar Khaledi and Andisheh Haghighatnezhad Shirazi*

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Water Quality of Groundwater Affect on Soil Salinization in Konya-Eregli Province of Turkey

Ahmet Melih Yılmaz* and Şahin Okumuş

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Analysis of people participation in support of the protected areas:Case study of Koh Khiz and Sorkh Protected Area in Iran

Abdulah Yousefi, Omid Tabiee*

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Integrated Modeling of Knowledge Management and Risk Management in Kermanshah Refinery through Ahp and Electere

Homa Pirkhezri*,Mohammad Ehsanifar

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Determination of carbon nanotubes as sensor identifying TNT,RDX and NQ molecules using DFT method

Mehrdad Mahkam, Javad Aboudi and Milad Nouraliei*

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Computational chemistry Explosives (nitro guanidine& aminotetrazol) adsorption on surfaces pristine carbon nanotubes and N doped carbon nanotubes

Mehrdad Mahkam, Javad Aboudi, Hamed Soleymanabadi*

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Effect of Maxwell Fluid on Unsteady Hydromagentic Flow Through a Porous Medium in a Rotating Parallel Plate Channel

Ch. H.K. Gopal, K.S. Balamurugan and V.C.C. Raju*

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Thermochemistry of triazolium- and N,N-dimethylhydrazinium-based energetic ionic liquids: A computational study

Morteza Zare*and Javad Aboudi

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