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Prevalence of HepaTitis B Surface Antigen Among Blood Donors and Patients Attending General Hospital Potiskum

Abubakar El-ishaq* and Fatima Mohammed Liman

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Electrolytes Profile in Serum of Patients Attending State Specialist Hospital Damaturu

Abubakar El-ishaq*, Tijjan Maruf and Zainab Adamu Nangere

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Development of A Model to Predict Annual Global So Radiation for Photovoltaic System’s Sizing in Uum Area, Malaysia

Sanusi y.k*, Ojeniyi, A. mohamad ghozalih and Lateef t.a

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A Comparative Study of Management Effectiveness Based on Agency-Stewardship Model

Hamid R. Bahrami, Amir H. Shahin, Sayed H. Mousavi*

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Genetic Diversity of Mango (Mangifera indica L.) Cultivars in Shendi Area

Tagelsir Hassan Mohamed Ahmedand*, Zenab Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed

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A novel high thermal stable polyimide-clay nanocomposite

Mehrdad Mahkam, Adib Katourani*, Javad Aboudi

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Simplified Texts or Authentic Texts: Which One is more Coherent?

Azam Ghane*, Mohammad Reza Oroji, Seyede Mohadese Habibzade

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An assessment of Holothuria scabra Growth under greenhouse condition

Mohammad Hasan Gerami*, Hassan Sareban, Abdollah Esmaeilzadeh, Hashem Nowferesti

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New equation of state and modified free volume theory of self-diffusion of methane

Seyed Ahmad Razavizadeh*, Fahymeh Alirezapoor

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Salinity Analysis of Water Supplies and Farmlands in Konya-Sarayonu Province of Turkey

Ahmet Melih YILMAZ *,Ömer KARA

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