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Investigating the effect of leadership style and demographic variables on employee motivation

Sami Setayesh*,Javad Nargesian

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Adaptive step back controller in the DC to DC converters

Farnood Khoshnevis*, Mina Vajdi and Yaser Ebazade

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Effect of Some Detergents and Chaotropic Agents on Activity of Guaiacol Peroxidase of Gundelia Tournefortii

Shahriar Saeidian

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A survey on relation between customer relationship management and organizational effectiveness: the case study of Emam Reza hospital in Tabriz

Amir Nayeb Gavgani,Seyed Mahdi Aghazadeh*,Mahboobe Kheirabadi

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Examine differenceof performance components among male and female principals from perspective of the mistress

Sami Setayesh*, Javad Nargesian

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