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The Effect of Information Structure Changing on Reading Comprehension of Intermediate EFL Learners: Focusing on Topicalization and Left Dislocation

Shahnaz Arvin, Arezoo Omidvari*

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The Relationship between Mental Health and Quality of Work Life and Job Burnout of Elementary School Teachers in District 5 Municipality of Tehran

Somayyeh Kazemi, Mehdi Shariatmadari*

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Analysing Genre: Online English Language Newspaper Articles

Zhila Balegh*,Hossein Sadegoghli

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Highly Efficient dye-sensitized solar cells Based on Sensitization of CdS on TiO2 surface via SILAR method: Evluation of the CdS and TiO2 thickness effect

Farshid Azizi*, Peyman Mazhari, S.M.Taheri Otaqsara

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Evaluation of the psychometric properties Hofstede’s cultural attitude test and its correlation with conflict management styles

Zahra Moradian*,Nahid Bakhshi,Zahra Navi,Somayeh Adabi

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